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Aug 18 2012
by mommyandme |
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On Wednesday night, 666 people (seriously) put themselves through their own form of hell by taking the long way to the top of one the tallest buildings in the world when they scaled the Empire State Building from its stairwell. That’s 1,576 steps and 86 flights of hamstring- and gluteal-writhing agony all the way to the building’s glowing observation deck. Runners ranged from guys like Thomas Dold—a German who won in a time of 10:38 for his seventh consecutive year—to firefighters (in full gear) walking up for charity. Obviously...

Aug 02 2012
by mommyandme |
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The M4 carbine’s metal ridges feel cool against my hands. Four magazines bounce around my waist on an ammo vest as I sprint over dying grass and dirt kicked up by a squad of soldiers before me. I drop to my left knee, eject one magazine, pull out another and slam it in with my palm, then run. Finally, my chance to live what I dreamed of a hundred times. But as I...