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Apr 21 2013
by mommyandme |
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Want a romantic getaway but still need to take the kids? What do you do when he’s not in the mood? Sexpert Jennifer Berman answers your questions. Q: My husband and I would like our family beach trip to double as a romantic escape. Got any tips for sneaking sexiness into a family vacation? A: Floaties, zinc oxide, and hours at the kiddie pool don’t scream...

Aug 19 2012
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You had your own friends before you met your man. So did he. How about now? Have those friendships stayed intact or are they dwindling? Have these other friendships died out completely? Romantic relationships tend to take center stage, but how much is too much? Heading 1 Heading 1 Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 2 Heading 2 Heading 3 Heading 3 Heading 3 Heading 4 Heading...

Aug 18 2012
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Did you see the short film Sight, made by a team of visual arts students, that examined what dating would be like if it were an eyeball-implanted app? (If not, check it out here!) The apps below don’t go that far, exactly, but we might be closer than we think to a future in which dating resembles Minority Report more closely than When Harry Met Sally. Not to...